Facebook Messenger Marketing

Almost more than two billion searches are performed on Facebook because it’s considered a search engine, but previously everyone was taking social media site as potential ranking signals for their website.

Facebook has always been an active directory for local businesses since its pages for business were developed. Today there is another way to interact with users that is through a conversational interface which is Facebook Messenger.

The chatbots are basically bots on Facebook Messenger that can reply to your queries instantly. Two of the most important things about Facebook you need to know are:

  1. Facebook has more than 1.5 billion active users today, and you can say it is the second busiest app after WhatsApp.
  2. The Messenger comes with a developer API (Application Programming Interface) for automated messaging which is a bulls-eye for businesses.

Now, why would you go for Messenger Bots, when they require a complex code for development? Well, you don’t need any developer to build a bot for you anymore; all you need now is an excellent writer who can prepare some good quality content. If you want a bot to respond to Q & A’s and arrange some broadcasts, then no coding is necessary, you just need a visual content creator for that purpose.

The only skill required here is content writing; people who can write good conversation focused content are the best for the job. So, what you need is the right answer to people’s queries and a way to draw them to your conversation. 

These messenger bots can be utilized in two ways, one is for generating leads/sales and second is for customer service where these bots can solve issues of people. According to the surveys, people don’t really care who is on the other side of the screen as long as they are getting solutions to their problems.